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Bellies & Babes

Little Hands Massage Therapy, LLC

is pleased to announce the addition of:

Bellies & Babes

We are Lincoln’s premier women’s-only spa offering massage from pre-pregnancy to post partum care.


v     Fertility massage (coming soon!)

v     Prenatal/pregnancy massage

v     Labor progressing massage

v     Mother roasting

v     Post partum massage

v     Infant massage demonstration



Please join us for our special introductory couple’s session that includes couples yoga to assist with the changes of pregnancy, partner’s shiatsu instruction, and prenatal massage instruction.  Cost is only $75 per couple, and includes a snack.  If a prenatal package is paid for at the time of the class, half of the fee for the class will be applied to the cost of the package.


We offer 10 month packages which includes a massage for each month of pregnancy, complimentary labor massage prior to going to the hospital or once you arrive at the hospital (not available between 11pm and 7am), post partum massage at your home to aid with recovery, and instruction on infant massage.  Yes! Massage is permitted during the first trimester of a normal, non-high risk pregnancy.  Special care is taken to avoid areas that are contraindicated.

Each massage lasts 60-90 minutes, allowing time to undress and redress.  Care is taken to insure your modesty during the massage by using sheets and towels.  Special pregnancy pillows are used to increase your comfort and safety during the massage.  This massage is given in a side-lying position so no pressure is put on the blood vessels that nourish the baby.  While there are pregnancy support pillows that allow one to lie on their stomach, we do not use them.  The low back is already being strained as the belly grows in size, so we do not want to increase this strain.  Organic unscented massage cream is used during the massage since it is very mild does not have irritants in it. 


The regular cost for a 60 minute massage is $75, and for a 90 minute massage it is $110.  This package gives you 6-60 min massages and 4-90 minute massages, it also includes the complimentary labor massage, or an in-home post partum massage with infant instructions/demo (within city limits, no charge for mileage, outside city additional charges apply).  This package is $720, a savings of $100 when paid in full! 

If you are not able to pay in full, you may divide the payments over 10 months, paying the full price of $820, making it $82/month.

If you are already into your 2nd or 3rd trimester, have no fear!  You may purchase a pro-rated massage package (at least 4 massages), and you won’t miss out on the complimentary labor massage or in-home post partum/infant massage.

Not sure you will enjoy massage?  Feel free to schedule a complimentary half-hour massage with purchase of additional half-hour ($45--1st trimester only).


Massage during pregnancy has benefits to both the mother and the baby such as:

v     Help with edema (fluid in the legs)

v     Heartburn relief

v     Sinus congestion

v     Hemorrhoids

v     Constipation relief

v     Increased circulation to the baby

v     Decrease in stress hormones help mother to relax


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