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We offer classes that will interest everyone!!  

We offer a class for couple's to learn massage.  It gets better than that, you don't have to be a couple, you just have to bring someone who is also interested in learning massage and wants to pair up with you for a fun time!* 


We offer a class for the expectant couple.  Come learn how to nurture each other during this exciting time in your life.  Mother will learn to give her partner a shiatsu massage that is nurturing, and to make it even better, there is also benefit for her as this will help her body prepare for the changes taking place in her body.  After the partner is nurtured, they will have the strength to continue nurturing mom by giving her a prenatal massage.*


We teach a couples yoga class that is beneficial to the couple as it will help mom stretch without injuring herself, and bonds the couple more deeply.  This is a single class, but can be taken multiple times.*


We teach a class on newborn & infant massage as well.  Did you know they don't receive the same massage?  Come learn about why and learn the differences.  COLIC! A parents worse fear.  Don't worry, we have you covered with our instruction on how to relieve colic by pressing on pressure points and massaging babies tummy.*


Massage tables are available for rental!


*This is a basic course, and does NOT replace a formal training in school that leads to licensure.  No credit will be given for this course.

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