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Tuition fees


Awards are available in 2021! Can bring tuition down to $8500 plus books and fees ($950) for our 1000 hour program. 

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Schedule of tuition, fees and all other charges 

Tuition $11,00.00 (for 1000 hour program)

Books $450.00 (non refundable) 

Lab Fee $300.00 (non refundable) 

Insurance $200.00 (non refundable) 


TOTAL $11,950.00* 


We also offer quarterly payments of $3025 per quarter.  Students will pay an additional $950 total for books, lab fees, and insurance during the first quarter only.


Scholarships are available for students up to $2500 to be dispersed in months 10, 11, and 12.  Our goal is for all students to receive these scholarships.  They're available for scholastic achievement (this doesn't mean straight A's, but that they have tried their best), attendance, participation, and going above and beyond in assignments.  This will bring tuition down to $8500 if all scholarships are received.


Additional Costs: 4 Professional massages - $300.00 +/-

Miscellaneous supplies - $100.00 

Optional equipment: Portable massage table - $400.00 

* All cost of books, miscellaneous supplies, table, and professional massages are estimates of current prices and are subject to change. 

Payment options are available for tuition


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